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200% bonus on first deposit (up to $2000)

Max. Bonus : 2000 $

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One thing that makes poker rooms different from one another is the bonuses offered. If one room is offering better bonuses than the others, then that room can expect to get a lot more business than others. One of the best in this department is Titan Poker. This poker room offers up to $2,000 on the first deposit by a new player. This is a 200% match on the first deposit. The kicker for this though is that Titan has the fastest rate of release on that bonus of all poker rooms on the internet.

Every time a player refers another member who plays at the table, they are able to receive $500 in free cash from Titan Poker. This is just an extra bonus given to players for helping Titan Poker to grow its player base.

Some of the best customer service and many deposit options are available on Titan Poker. In order to avoid having problems with credit card deposits, Titan offers many other ways to deposit money onto poker sites. By offering this many ways to play, they are able to maintain a lot of players who might be afraid to use their personal credit card on a gaming site.

Even though the name is Titan poker, there are other games offered as well. Titan has a variety of casino games that are available to those who would prefer to play these rather than just card games. If you have not already looked into it and like being rewarded for playing the games, then you should check out Titan Poker today.


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