Placing a whole range of tasty bonus eggs in one hugely entertaining basket!

If you had to compile a list of all the player faves for a really big, opportunities-rich and exciting game, you would probably end up describing 888 Casino's latest new flagship video slot, CASHANOVA.

Take a bird's eye view of the main features of this truly outstanding game and see if you agree:

* The mother of all slots with 5 reels and 30 - yes, 30 different pay lines.

* Three different and interactive ways to earn great bonuses and free spins

* Even more opportunities through mystery multipliers up to 5X, Scatter and Wild features

* With the right choices and a lot of luck, a top take-home of 187 500.00 - that's up there with the progressives!

* The players always win - an in-built free spins guarantee of up to 900 coins a spin.

* Bet from as little as a cent right up to 75.00 - the choice is yours

* Great sounds and crisp graphics carrying an amusing theme

Now take a gander at the game itself: Clear play guides, easy navigation and sharp, brightly coloured graphics with a real sense of humour and the ridiculous. Check out our unruffled, strutting and passionate hero, Roger Rooster as he pursues the voluptuous Henrietta Hen to her luxurious nest with a range of unique gifts from chocolate corncobs to eggcentric jewellery. Keep a lookout for Roger's favourite reading material, too - Henhouse Magazine is the Scatter symbol that can lead to wins multiplied by your total bet.

Roger is predictably Wild, helping you hit the major bonus and free spins chances in the game....and there are plenty of them.

Roger's first stop is the Barn Bonus when the gold bonus symbol appears across reels 1,2 or 3. There are bonus rewards multiplied by total bet among the barn's contents and you can peck around for the best deals. But Roger will crow for sure if you find the golden key that takes you to the next bonus level - the delectable Henrietta's house and the Get Lucky bonus.  Find the right gift among 5 for Henrietta, and Cashanova can live up to his impressive legend and reward you, too!

Fried eggs. Lots of them. These are what you want for the third bonus opportunity - Free Range. When you see these symbols across reels 3, 4 or 5 it triggers up to 15 free spins with up to 5X mystery multipliers...and there's a built-in guaranteed win of up to 900 coins on every spin.  See what we mean about a game that has it all?

At 888 Casino we can say without any risk of being called out for fowl play that this is one of the most eggstraordinary video slots we've offered to date, with multi-tiered bonuses giving unprecedented depth and value. CASHANOVA has a mind-blowing diversity of truly entertaining and interactive features that will enthrall you, generous rewards to keep you coming back for more and an easy to use, smooth running gaming experience that sets new standards for online gambling enjoyment.



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